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For years marketers have argued, "What is the value of a billboard on the side of the highway?" It is extremely hard (or even impossible) to attribute what revenue is generated by that billboard.

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Now, we argue, "What may be the TRUE price of the display ad that I bought around the XYZ site?' Few people click on display ads, However they make an impact. Historically, Google has been "a last click in" attribution model. Someone could have visted your website numerous times coming from a display ad, or organic search results, or a PPC ad, or via a link over a blog. However, if you're to look at your Google Analytics the revenue would just be caused by the past method that person came to your website and converted.

So, should they originated from a PPC ad choosing capable of seeing revenue and conversion rates - then find out your net net revenue. BUT, when they click four different PPC ads after which stumbled on you from a healthy google listing - the analytics would show low effectiveness of one's Pay per click campaign but good results through organic search rankings.

To complicate the procedure a lot more - several of the anti-virus programs your customer might have on the computer will erase the cookies after 28 to 31 days. Therefore, they are as a new customer to Google Analytics when they're in fact a returning customer.

Google is now attempting to address this by having an enhanced program, with a considerable price. Omniture also tries to attribute the proper amount of revenue for the different points of contact through the decision making process.

I've found a business with a very sophisticated process to trace the visitors to your website and that data for very long amounts of time. Since this product doesn't depend on cookies to track the client, you can observe the customers decision process through the entire sales funnel.

Do you want to drive BILLIONS in revenue using just a few million in internet marketing dollars? I'm able to prove that it may be performed.

Digital Marketing Consultant